The best fitness watches in 2017

The best fitness watches in 2017 and which are perfect for you?

Have you decided 2017 is the year you get in shape? Is buying a fitness watch so you can monitor everything you do one of your priorities?


If so, before you rush out and buy just any fitness watch, you should be aware of which watches are currently classified as the best fitness watches in 2017. After all, if you are going to wear one, you want to be sure it does what the manufacturer says it does.


Fitbit Surge — One of the best fitness watches in 2017, and one that is getting a lot of attention, is the Fitbit Surge. This watch has a monochrome LCD screen, is Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and web compatible and will run for about five days while it monitors your heartbeat.


With the GPS on the watch activated, it will run around five hours. Plenty of time for you to take a long run, or cycle 100 kilometers.


The watch also comes with a sleep tracker, so you can monitor how much rest you are getting, and a heart rate monitor, which is vital when you want to be sure you are elecating your heart rate enough to be useful.


The Fitbit Surge is also one of the fitness watches that is on the lower end of the price scale at just over two hundred dollars, so perfectly affordable for most.


Apple Watch Series 2 — If you are into Apple products, you will probably want to look at the Apple Watch Series 2 to begin with. It is a an excellent fitness tracker with one of the best heart rate monitors of any watch, for a small watch it has a huge display when it comes to showing your current heart rate, and it is waterproof.


The watch supports a large number of fitness tracking apps so, no matter which app you like to use the most, chances are this watch will allow you to.


The Apple Watch Series 2 also comes in a number of styles, so there is bound to be something you would love to wear on your wrist.


Samsung Gear Fit 2 — This is one of the cheapest watches in the fitness watch range, but that does not stop it being perfect for someone serious about monitoring their fitness changes.


The Samsung Gear Fit 2 has a good heart rate monitor, its GPS antenna is excellent, and the watch is completely water resistant.


It will stay on for up to five days with just one charge and it also has a large screen compared to other watches, so is easy to see when running. Throw in that it is less than a hundred and fifty dollars, and this fitness watch could be the perfect one for your needs.


Garmin Forerunner 230 — If you are a runner, then the Garmin Forerunner 230 could definitely be for you. It is a watch made specifically for runners, as it not only has a huge display, which is perfect for being able to see no matter what speed you are moving at, but it also stores all your favorite running routes via the built-GPS.


The battery life is superb on this watch, so if you are apt to set out on six hour runs, you should not have to worry about it dying midway through.


There are far more out there worth a consideration, check out this video for a few more reviews:


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