It is all about perspective, or looking at a problem from a unique angle  We are in the business of designing complex systematic processes, software systems and integrated systems applied to real world problems.

We take our many years of industrial strength systems design and apply it to our given task at hand.   This is done ever-mindful of the users involved, budgetary constraints and ultimately the desired outcome: a solid Return On Investment.

George Eddy founded what has become Eddy Consulting in 2006. George and his staff have served the largest of high tech fortune 500, small business, startups and the solo entrepreneur.  According to George:

We have the good fortune of working with a small group of select clients on meaningful tasks.  It is all about the People, Projects and making an Impact.

The company now focuses the majority of it’s efforts on Real Estate Investments and helping Small Business owners grow there business through effective use of the Internet with the subsidiary Lake Park Online.

From the vocal chords (actually, the finger tips) of George:

In light of recent economic conditions and the accelerated rate of technological change there are tremendous opportunities in Real Estate and a leveled playing field for small business to innovate market themselves.

George does not like speaking in the third person, says “it just feels weird”, will at this point cease to do so.




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To learn how your business can experience a significant growth in revenues and client base check out Lake Park Online


Eddy Consulting LLC,  has been providing high tech solutions to select small and large business clients since 2006.  We are currently limiting our consulting services to past and present clients.  However, if you would like to discuss potential future engagements, do feel free to contact us.

Please leave a message

I would love to hear from you! Fill out this form and I will get back to you in no time flat.
We get our clients positioned on the first page of Google without paying high fees.  Sites listed on the first page of Google build their client list with prospects searching for their products or services, to dominate there market.  We do this through organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Our SEO practice is unique, many of our techniques are not well known, we leverage a staff of about 15 people, a network of greater than 10,000 hosts all over the country and system of automated programs.  This is not an outdated rehashed system that everybody else uses.