'iTunes' meets Torrenting.

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Even grandma uses it!

Imagine not having to worry about torrent trackers being shut down any more or spending time going through different codings, seeds, sizes, qualities and uploaders. It is the 'iTunes' of Torrenting, using a multi-layer decentralized approach that can't be cracked down like other trackers. (tpb.se,kat.to) Just Select, Download, and Enjoy!

Easy to Use

Choose, Download, Watch!
Spend less worrying about which tracker hasn't been cracked down yet, Ganool vs. YIFY, size ... and more enjoying your movie on your choice of device.

Higher Speed

Don't leave it to the chance!
Using a network of private trusted nodes and cloud accounts we ensure you get access to the most reliable content as well as the highest speed.

Private & Secure

Did we tell you you're at risk,
Unless you know the ins-and-outs of how to properly protect your privacy against nosy governments and agencies. Let us take care of that for you.

torrent box

Other benefits you'd enjoy with the Box:

Time Saving
Time Saving

Spend less time trying to find things you'd want to download, and when you do, they'd be the best quality.


Watch TV Shows on you iPad, Movies on your living room TV and enjoy Music on your Android smartphone!

Internal Hard Drive
Internal Hard Drive

How about enough memory to store full seasons of Breaking Bad, Friends and Seinfeld altogether?


We build our own software and hardware. It doesn't need to comply with Apple, Google or even DMCA's rules .

stand alone downloader
Stand-Alone Downloader

No need to leave your PC or Laptop on all night just because you're downloading some files.


Stream, Share files or Torrent them on the go! Wherever you take your box, your files are with you.

Small Device

It doesn't take much space, just sits there quietly and does it's thing!

torrent software

Software+Hardware Solution

We're tired of seeing our favorite trackers (TPB, isoHunt,...) getting shutdown overnight by agencies. That's why we came up with our own software, Not only is it faster, easier to use and secure but most importantly, it can't be shut down, since our software is not on any specific url and you don't have to worry about latest address since we already took care of hardware side of things too!


Is the Box really necessary?

YES. We needed to design a platform that's "invincible"— impossible to crack down. Thus we took a decentralized approach meaning you'll be connected to a new address every single time. The Box will take care of that and save you time and possible headaches.
We couldn't use currently available devices either. Smart devices such as Smartphones and SmartTVs are becoming extremely popular but they all operate either under iOS or Android —it's not bad per se— but it gets dangerous the second they start deciding what we're allowed to use on our Phone, TV, and God-Knows-What-Next.
Apple approves BitTorrent iOS apps by mistake, bans them all to hell
Chrome Blocks Major Torrent Sites Over "Harmful Programs"
We can't let them decide what we're allowed to use.

One Box to rule 'em all

Our whole purpose of existence is to make things more convinient for you by making sure you get what you need all in one place. Box takes care of everything from the second you decide to download anything to the moment you're watching it on your TV or Tablet.

That's why you have a 45 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you'd get a refund. No Questions Asked.

We use a cost-plus pricing approach, meaning you only pay for
off the shelf hardware + a tiny margin for the team
Oh and the software comes for free, no ads!



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Total Package


For those who want it all!

  • 1 Box
  • Storage Space 62GB
  • Est. Delivery October